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 Seraphis Moonshadow

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Maybelle Silverose

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PostSubject: Seraphis Moonshadow   Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:05 am

Quoted by Seraphis, edited by Maybelle:

Name: Seraphis Moonshadow.

Race: Blood Elf

Age: Around 6000-7000 years old [Edit: Seraphis now knows his true age is closer to 10-11 Thousand Years. The previous age is down to a grave misjudgement of the time that had passed. Being stuck in the Void for Thousands of Years does this to you. sad.gif]

Story: Seraphis was born into a wealthy Highborne family, taught to love magic and detest the weakness of those who did not possess it. Seraphis and his family fled to Eldre'Thalas to escape from Azshara's madness, managing to avoid the sundering that shook the World.
Seraphis was ashamed that the surviving groups of Highborne were looked down upon by the Night Elves who they had once shunned and decided that he should no longer look upon his race with pride, but with pity. When the newly titled "High Elves" fled to form thier new land of Quel'Thalas, Seraphis followed, determined to renew the strength of his once mighty Race. He saw the High Elves as weaklings, unworthy of their Heritage, and so, after much thought, he decided to slay the weakest as a Cull.
In his tainted mind he saw that, if he killed the weakest, only the strong would be left, and that they could continue the bloodline. With every Elf he slew, his mind became more shattered. In his madness he killed family and former friends, claiming them to be "weak" and "unworthy of their title". Seraphis' crimes went undiscovered for hundreds of years, but eventually he was caught and captured after putting up an immense struggle.
For his murderous acts he was banished into the Void. It is said that he lay dormant for many Thousands of years, unable to escape, driven half-mad by the voices of so called "Gods" in his head. Their ideas tainted him, telling him to do their bidding. Now he has awoken, with a new dream of a rebuilt Azeroth, one in which he is the "God".

Personality: Seraphis is polite and believes in honor, however he suffers from frequent mood swings towards his enemies. He remains calm in any situation and his menacing smile can shake the hearts of even the most courageous.
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Seraphis Moonshadow
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