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 The one and only - Yang.

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Kiyoshi Yamokani


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PostSubject: The one and only - Yang.   Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:46 pm

Name: Yang, second name not known, it's unknown is Yang is even his real name.

Race: Cat?

Age: He claims 10, which would be considered adult for a cat.

Yang is a strange one. He is as he says; a Cat, but that's the strange thing, he 'says'. Yang is only ever seen following Kiyoshi, never by himself, people wonder; when he's not with Kiyoshi, where is he? The truth to that being; not even god knows. The only people who know of Yang's "true identity" are Kiyoshi, Sophia and Yang, so Kiyoshi often has to clarify things when Yang bursts out into an inferno of witty, intelligent and grammatical speech. In truth, Yang is supposedly a Blood Elf mage of exceptional skill, who, at a young age, when he was a small child, has himself polymorphed into a cat, with the intention of staying that way for the entirety of his long life, truly deluding himself into believing that he most definitely, is, a cat. Yang's reasons for his permanent transformation are not fully known. So far, people just assume that he really likes cats and prefers their body structure to a humanoid one, but Yang is a mysterious individual. Not a single living person knows what Yang looked like before he transformed, even Yang himself no longer knows what he looked like. Anybody who saw him as a child had died mysteriously, but don't get any thoughts, it is factually known that Yang did not kill them, his father died having been eaten by his very own, very tame Zulian Tiger (somehow), and there were rumours that his mother was sleepwalking, ended up in Darnassus, then was eaten by a Night Elf... (Some... how...) Both of his parents died when Yang was very young, so his has little memory of them, and was hardly effected by their deaths. He then raised himself, somehow managing to become a prodigy in arcane arts, before he transformed himself, never changing back.

Yang's record time for remaining silent, in a cat-like personality is two years and forty six days, he soon got bored and decided he wanted to hear his amazing voice once again, ah yes, his voice, that amazing British accent, just imagine Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, don't know him? Go look him up, you won't regret discovering one of the most brilliant characters in gaming history. Yang is a very refined, witty and intelligent chap, always getting into arguments with the less educated then himself, basking in the glory of thrashing them with his own words. Rumour has it that he has never once gotten into a physical fight, despite how people are often aggrivated by him, they normally end up doing one of the following; Walking away whilst glaring back at Yang non-stop, walking away in a huff, taking their anger out on Kiyoshi instead, walking away with a quiet sob, running away with loud wails, and in one case, running as fast as their bloody legs would carry then, screaming as if their lives depended on it.


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On a long journey with Kiyoshi, Sophia and Haraki, waiting for Cameron to return from his several month AFK.
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The one and only - Yang.
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