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 Thuul Skullsplitter

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Maybelle Silverose

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PostSubject: Thuul Skullsplitter   Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:48 am

Quoted by Thuul, edited by Maybelle:

Name: Thuul Skullsplitter

Race: Orc

Age: 25

Story: Since he was young, Thuul has been corrupted by blood lust. Thuul was first introduced to battle when he was just a boy. He was forced into a battle during a draenei invasion of his village in Nagrand. Since that day Thuul has slain any members of the alliance he sees. During a fight with an alliance village, he met Kelinath a high priest of the dawn. Kelinath welcomed the young warrior to the ranks of the dawn. Since that day, Thuul has pledged his allegiance to the Dawn of Ruin and vows to kill all of the alliance and help the Dawn rise to glory!

Personality: Thuul is a proud warrior who never runs from a battle, never apologizes, doesnt expect any apologies from enemies, and kills all who disrespect him and the dawn. He hates taking orders, but knows when to listen. His blood lust is uncontrollable, so don't tempt him into doing something you'll regret.
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Thuul Skullsplitter
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