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 Maybelle Silverose [Completely Redone Story]

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Maybelle Silverose

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PostSubject: Maybelle Silverose [Completely Redone Story]   Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:08 am

Name: Maybelle Silverose

Race: Blood Elf

Age: 3,473

Story: Back thousands of years ago a young girl was brought into the world of Azeroth. A small child who's life would be plagued with pain, suffering, betrayal, brutality, havoc, and destruction. This child resides, now grown up, wandering among the rest, her tale not spoken or known by many...

Little child lived in peace and joy in a small home outside of the main town of their homeland. She knew not of the deeds her parents committed, her mind was too fragile and young to comprehend them. Her parents, notorious for reeking havoc, slaughtered their own kind, stealing from their corpses. This was just one out of quite a bit of things they were notorious for. Blackmailers, assassins, thieves, murderers. You name anything sinister and they would pertain to it in some manner.

Their notoriety dragged down the popularity of the main land. People feared for their lives, the townsfolk fleeing in an attempt to save themselves from the treacherous acts. In a quick decision, the small family of three was exiled out of their homeland, left to survive on their own with many after their heads.

They found a small cottage by a lake side up in the northern areas of the Alterac Mountains. A small family lived within, but for them, it wasn't a problem. Little Maybelle sat outside on the dock, enjoying the view of the lake while the foul deed of slaughtering the inhabitants were done. While the child was distracted, the parents disposed of the corpses in the mountains.

Here the small group lived peacefully. Little Maybelle saw no wrong of them, her parents. She loved them dearly, more than anything there ever was. Sweet child of emerald green eyes and raven black hair lived a life of innocence. That is... until they came...

Assassins, equipped and ready for a slaughter, barged through the cottage door. Little girl's bright smile quickly plunged into that of a shocked expression as her parents quickly darted their attention back at the door behind them. The couple were unprepared, not expecting the assassins to follow them out so far, much less to know they had inhabited a small isolated cottage.

They knew their fate and did not hold up a fight. While they stared, unafraid of their eminent demise, they turned their back to the child and shielded her in a defense stance, pleading the assassins not to harm their little child. The assassins snickered and grinned with a malicious intent as they unsheathed their weapons of death. Little girl's eyes widened in fear, soon realizing the intent of these beings. In a panic she screeched, tears streaming down her innocent pale face.

Then and there, her parents laid dead before her in a matter of seconds, blood splattered about the walls and floor. Her face grew a sickly pale as she stared at the blood, then her parents. Her shock and feeling of distress constricted her, tears strolling down her cheeks with no blood curdling scream of despair following after, choked, her inner emotions struggling to be let forth and freed.

The assassins cackled in delight, basking in the sinister victory. They stared down upon the frantic child, an instant thought resounding off the barriers of their mind. Why leave the poor child here when she could learn to harvest nature for survival? With such a thought echoing within, a response snapped into mind. From there they dragged the child from her parents' corpses and took her to their small village where her history would continue to twist into the morbid being she is now.

Innocent girl was placed under enslavement by the foul folk that slaughtered her parents before her very eyes. She loathed them with every fiber of her being, and due to this she received brutal beatings every day, rebellious in nature towards such beings. Every day was a struggle for survival within the village. Escaping was not too easy considering their hounds knew the scent of her and her blood quite well by then.

Despite the poor conditions she lived under and her poor state of mind and being, she had somebody there to care after her. An old rigid man, wise in looks, tending to the child's wounds after each day's battle. He taught her the ways of the rogue to better herself in the fights she faced day after day. As he had always stated as a reason, he hated to see someone so strong spirited and young to be finished off in such a way...

For many years the young girl stayed, mastering every aspect of a rogue and fighting her way, one step at a time, to what she believed was freedom. Having such a peaceful and strong relationship was rather refreshing after the hard days. She knew she could count on him and his simple promise of one day freeing her. She had faith in him, and knew he had nothing but good intentions.. Although, little May was foolish enough to let a mask deceive her...

Poisons, this was a fatal mistake to the old man. Over the years Maybelle mastered the art of making some of the most deadliest poisons known to man. She gave many thanks to the old man for helping her so much in improving her defenses. Young Maybelle had grown up into a fine teenager by then, fairly content with life, despite the beatings, ofcourse.

A casual day, as any other. Her and the old man sat at the table, ready to enjoy the casual cups of hot tea the old fellow brewed. The kettle began to screech, signaling that the tea was done. The old man poured it into the small ornate cups, although, Maybelle found something rather peculiar. The man stood in an odd angle, his back turned to her, hunched as if he were trying to hide something. She stood and leaned over to the side enough to peer over the man's shoulder. Her eyes widened in shock, recognizing what was within the vial he held in his hand, the deadly poison within spilling into the tea.

Confused, she brought the matter to the old man's attention. Startled that he had been found out, he made a slight jump of guilt, the vial being shook from his grasp, dropping to the floor and shattering. He stood there for a few seconds, speechless, before unsheathing his daggers that always stayed by his side and turned around to face the girl.

Knowing of his foul intent, she frantically ran up the staircase and hurriedly searched for a weapon of some sort. Oddly enough, she chose a raptor's skull that the man had collected. Upstairs she hid, waiting for the man to pass her by, his back facing her, open for an easy ambush. He indeed fell victim to this trap, and as soon as the chance was present, she took it in a rather rapid manner and bashed the skull over the back if the man's head, using so much force that the skull itself shattered with in her hands.

The man now unconscious from the brutal blow, she knew what she had to do, despite how painful it would be. Using the man's own daggers, she slit his throat, ensuring his demise. As she watched the blood, and life, flow from the one she once trusted so much, and certain wire snapped in her mind. Here, she was introduced to the very corruption that plagued the assassins that murdered her parents. The simple lust for bloodshed.

She wished for more, more of the beautiful red liquid that gleamed in the light of the moon or sun with an eerie manner. Here, she started to think like any true murderous rogue.

In a corner she sat, the dead silence of night giving her peace and time to think out a plan. The nightmare known as enslavement still existed, and she desired to escape from such a hell. There she sat, plotting.. They'd kill her dead if they were to find out she murdered the old man.. So, then, how would she go about getting rid of it? As she thought, a re-occuring thought of the nearby forest came by. Why, ofcourse! The wolves.

Wolves would be a prime excuse for a death around a village surrounded by forests. Yet, it'd seem rather peculiar that they'd randomly attack now when there's been no reports of it before.. Maybelle was no simple being, she thought of a way around that. That night she dragged her old friend's corpse into the forest, leaving it for the wolves. While she was there, she continued on to the second step of her plan... Luring wolves into the village at night with the flesh of deer or boar until it became known they visited... Thus, she went about the forest, hunting for a fine deer or boar to use as bait.

After a few days had passed, she had completed the second step. Villagers were aware of the recent wolf encounters, and now Maybelle could go about her plan for freedom. Each night she killed one villager, afterwards dragging them off into the nearby forest for the wolves. One by one, they fell. The population of the village was cut down to nearly zero, and, by this point, the remainder of them begin to panic and fled from the area.

Finally... Freedom at last... Little is known what Maybelle did afterwards. Those that knew of her say she's probably long dead by now... Yet... Perhaps she just wandered about, on her own, isolating herself from any living being. After all... If you're all alone.. who is there to spread a legend of you, when no one has even heard of you, or even seen you, for ages?
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PostSubject: Re: Maybelle Silverose [Completely Redone Story]   Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:01 am

You have one fucked up character. Just throwing that out there.
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PostSubject: Re: Maybelle Silverose [Completely Redone Story]   Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:24 am

I must say, you make a long profile worth reading Very Happy Well written my buddy ol' pal Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Maybelle Silverose [Completely Redone Story]   

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Maybelle Silverose [Completely Redone Story]
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