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 Nargotz Bloodfist

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PostSubject: Nargotz Bloodfist   Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:39 pm

(( This is just a quick work up, I'm too lazy to write something big. ))

Name: Nargotz Bloodfist

Age: 53(Human Years)

Race: Orc, Previous Fel Orc

Attitude: Quiet, Outspoken and annoyed easily.

History: Lets start with a beginning...

Nargotz Bloodfist was, at first another orc sent to Azeroth from Draenor, bent on killing, maiming and destroying, he was a Grunt in the Orcish Horde. Battle, after battle, they finally arrived at Stormwind. There Nargotz took a blow to head, and was knocked out for a day. Captured by some farmers, he was only 23(Human years) and was taught to live in a human culture.. Slowly, he lost his sanity, and faith. The bonds to the elemental earth of a Shaman, broken from him. Nargotz had lost his faith and became a simple Orcish servant, not bound by the encampments.

He had become a good little Orcish servant to the farming family, no better than a Horse. Losing his ability to speak his native language, he was lost.

His life had been ruined.

But, he had a turn around. His owners moved and brought him along. They moved and went to the Kul Tiras' kingdom. Which was a turning point for his life, for he was brought to war by his owner, seeing his Father, Bargotz Bloodfist, he was retaken into the new Horde.

He was quickly promoted to Blood-Guard, for having seen much of the Human history and having been a warrior in the old Horde. Now however, he was now 43. Given command of the 55th War Pigs at the battle of mount Hyjal, he earned his place in the Horde. In a course of 10 years after the Battle of Hyjal, he relearned everything he could about the new Horde and relearned his language. But... his faith had never been returned to him...

He has been bloodthirsty, wanting revenge upon the Alliance for the slavery he had to them, for them taking his faith. For breaking him..

He has joined Dawn of Ruin and is a blood thirsty warrior, waiting for the moment to strike.
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Nargotz Bloodfist
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