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 Tindria Sunstrike

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PostSubject: Tindria Sunstrike   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:36 am

Tindria was always an odd child growing up. She never got along with the other children, and when some went to far, they went home with a black eye and a bloody nose. Tindria was never accepted at schools, for she had a short fuse, and tended to be very sneaky.. Eventually she and her family were outcast for bad behavior, and then her family gave up all hope on her. Leaving her and her odd ways behind, they were accepted back into the city, while poor Tindria stared blankly at the closed gates.

She had to do something, or go somewhere, to live. She could either learn to survive in the wild, or find another town to take her in. As a elf in Eversong Woods, she knew inhabitants consisted of elves and The horrid Wretched. She knew the only race she could find was more elves, but everyone in the region knew of her.. The only option: Travel past Eversong, into the treacherous lands of Ghostland. Of course, she would have to continue traveling... but there was no other option.
And so she set off, into a journey that would change the way she views the world.

Ghostlands was hard on her, but revealing. She learned how to make weapons of out ready material, and fend off beast.
She even tamed a wild tiger, who followed her faithfully, fending off stronger monsters and beast than Tindria could handle.
After the horrid days in Ghostland, she emerged in the Western Plague Lands, which she knew of folklore that held Undead beast that would tear her limb from limb. Here, she learned how to stay hidden, and strike at just the right time, and she met up with some members of the Argent Dawn, who taught her how to use the bow. She found that she was excellent in the arts of archery, and quickly became agile and quick on her feet and with her hands. She was growing, both in mind and body.

She easily passed Eastern Plague Lands, for it was nearly the same as Western, just slightly less Scourge and more beast, Which was easier for her. She soon came to Tirisfal Glades, where she met her very first group of Forsaken, who took her in for a slight amount of time and replenished her energy, which was badly in need of restoration. After a few weeks, she parted with her friends, and promised to one day come back.. Little did she know she would never get the chance. She had forgotten why she was still traveling, Tirisfal was decent enough to settle in... but she felt it was not the right choice. As she continued on, she thought about the days to come. Oh joy.

She was enjoying the life of wandering, and as she crossed Alliance controlled land, it became even more fun, adding the death of people rather than beast and monsters. Bloodshed was a natural talent Tindria had, and she benefited from this greatly. Her lack of concern and will to find something to do with life was all she needed as she threaded through the Forest of Elwynn. By now, she was Sixteen, starting her journey at the age of eight. Eight years of traveling, and she was not tired of it yet. But what she soon came to would cut her from her careless life...

Not long after first entering Elwynn, she came across a town called Goldshire, quickly jumping out of sight, she knew if she was seen she would be questioned, and most likely killed. unfortunatly, this was not the case. A night elf flew from the sky, jumping out of a tree, and tackling Tindria, they wrestled in the lush green grass, finally calling for her Tiger companion, the Night Elf was bloody and had many chunks of flesh missing, she figured she would leave that for the town folks, or at least a hungry wolf or buzzard. She ran through the outskirts of the town, trying not to go to far around for fear of running into more cities, she figured this one was pretty calm. Oops, wrong again. About five maybe six more Night Elves jumped from trees, and bound her, dragging her into the city. There she was sentenced for being a Elf, to server the village as a slave. No rights, not even a bed, she had to sleep in the stable. She was fed left overs from the town folks meals, which disgusted her. She began planning ways for escape, but all of them were useless, as the Night Elf guards were always around where her escape route lead. She became depressed, no one to talk to, no one to kill, nothing to do besides shameful chores. She was beginning to think of suicide.

One miracle of a day, she was lucky enough to be in a rich mans house, which had plaques of beast heads on the wall, as well as beautiful swords and shields, she quickly grabbed a pair that looked like they would work best, and she murdered the rich man, his wife, and left the house, setting her mind on a killing spree, to desolate this town, and get revenge for her enslavement. After finishing off with the mayor, she knew the Night Elf guards would be here soon, so she set off, hoping the Night Elf guard would be lacking today. She was utterly shocked to see several Night Elf corpses laying every which way, and her faithful tiger licking its paws. She smiled, pet the tiger for what seemed like a eternity, and mounted it. She rode off, finally stopping in Strangle Thorn Vale, where she met someone who would help her fulfill her need of blood.

Seraphis Moonshadow explained his plan of world domination, Tindria, intriqued by his plans, pledged her soul to the Dawn, Seraphis' order of warriors. Tindria saw this order as its own people. Not horde nor alliance, fighting against ANYONE who dare stand in their way. She was finally living a life she knew she would either have blood, or death, which was fine with her. And so she lives on, fulfilling her dream of blood and death, her story forever etched into this very page.

(Unless this forum crashes and burns, MWUAHAAHAH!) lol!
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Tindria Sunstrike
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