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 Guild Reformation

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PostSubject: Guild Reformation   Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:10 pm

I'd rather do this when I can put everything behind it but it's looking rather promising right now...
We need to plan this properly if we want it to be a success. The Guild will consist of 30 members.
10 Guardians
2 Subordinates for Each Guardian

We will be a closer Guild, and I would like all the members to be friendly and know each other. To achieve this we must be selective in who we choose to join.

Currently the Guardians will be:

Seraphis Very Happy

The other Guardians and I will decide the most suitable candidates for the remaining 6 Guardians, and then we will choose who we want to take as a subordinate.

If anyone has any tips that could make this idea more developed I would appreciate them Very Happy
~Seraphis out
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Guild Reformation
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