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 Caligula Neronimus

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PostSubject: Caligula Neronimus   Tue Jul 22, 2008 6:49 am

Name: Caligula Neronimus

Race: Blood-Elf

Age: 1,859

Personality: Always ready to kill something or someone, loyal to his leader and he hates traitors. He likes to scare people and hurting persons with the pain he can bring with the Dark Magics he learnt from the Warlocks all over Azeroth. In short: A fearsome Warlock

Humour: Sarcastic and sadistic

Born in Tranquillien, Ghostlands before the land was corrupted. When he was like 500 years old he moved with his parents to Silvermoon, the capital of the Blood-Elven Lands. The magicians there sensed a great power in the little boy when they met eachother, and they asked his parents if they may educate him. The parents gave their permission and the wizards took him with them to the Magic Quarters.

For years he learned the difficult spells and to control the power inside him, which was like a wild inner beast. The mages saw him grow stronger and stronger and they were proud on their pupil. He forfilled his training and wanted to serve in the Royal Guard of Silvermoon. But in those days he met someone who would change his life.

At that time he was around the 1,000 years old. He was drinking a red wine in The World's End Tavern in Shattrath City, after a long journey through whole of Azeroth and the Outlands. He was just thinking about teleporting to Silvermoon again when he saw another Sorcerer, he was surrounded by a magic that the young wizard didn't know, interested in the unknown magic he stepped forward to the dark person and began to talk with him.

This person was an Orc Warlock, Caligula had never met a warlock before because his masters forbid him to speak with these dark magicians. But his masters weren't there that time.

The Orc told him about powers far more greater than the mages in Silvermoon taught him. Caligula listened with an enormous interest to the story's of the orc with which spells he could bring more pain than the young mage could imagine to persons. He heard so much story's from the Orc that he was beginning to think that he could better be a Warlock, but he didn't have the right personality. So he went back to Silvermoon.

A few more years passed when suddenly his father was executed by the Royal Guard because they thought that he wanted to murder their commander, which was of course a false thought and a horrible mistake. Caligula couldn't stand the Guards anymore and he got angered, and his mind filled with thoughts of bringing doom over all the guards and the Royal Family. Than he remembered the Orc in Shattrath and he quickly teleported to Orgrimmar to seek this Dark Wizard.

He finally found him in Shadowmoon Village in the Shadowmoon Valley, located in the Outlands after long and lonely journeys. In time his mind filled up with even more hate and feelings for taking revenge. He was angered for life.

He started to learn the Dark Magics from the Warlock, he learnt terrible and horrible spells. He learnt spells that could burn whole grounds and that burnt the soul itself, he learnt to summon terrible beings from another dimension. The Orc was impressed by the power of the still young Blood-Elf and even thaught him the most powerfull spells that he even himself couldn't cast.

After another 500 years his training was completed and he became one of the most fearsome Blood-Elves the world had ever seen. He went back to Silvermoon and murdered the Guards who executed his father, together with his own ex-teachers because they tried to stop him. They were surprised that their pupil had become a warlock and they were filled with an enormous fear when they saw him again after all those years.

With blood from almost the whole Royal Guard on his hands he went to the Palace, there he met a girl, called Ondori, she would marry a prince, but he refused. Filled with anger of that she asked Caligula to help her murder him. They succeeded but the princess was banned from Silvermoon. Caligula went with her because it wasn't safe for him to stay in Silvermoon.

Later it turned out that they were brother and sister and they stayed together for a long time during their journeys. In those days they met Seraphis Moonshadow, a High-Elf who had the plan to take over Azeroth. Caligula wanted as many souls as he could carry and Ondori wanted to take revenge on the whole Royal Family, so they joined Seraphis and his comrades.

They are still with him these days, fighting wars and killing people in name of their leader, loyal to him, they will fight on until no one will oppose them anymore...
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Caligula Neronimus
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