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 Vardin Swiftfire

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PostSubject: Vardin Swiftfire   Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:12 am

Name: Vardin Swiftfire

Class: Ranger, Assassin, Ex-druid.

Race: Sin' Dorei

Age: 789

Story:Vardin is also known as the Emerald archer and the Emerald assassin, he used to be a loving Archer that cares for all the living and nature. But the corruption of the sunwell slowly changed him into a darker, eviler and more up tight Character. Also the atack of the Scourge which took alot of his friends life's might be a reason for his madness.

Personality: Sometimes he can be one of the most carring persons, it al depends on how it goes with him. Lately he is more tending to his darker sides.
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Vardin Swiftfire
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