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 Rafius Raintotem (sorry for length, got carried away..)

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Rafi Raintotem


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PostSubject: Rafius Raintotem (sorry for length, got carried away..)   Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:29 pm

Name : Raifus Raintotem, otherwords known as Rafi.

Race : Tauren

Age : Estimated somewhere around 500 to at least 2000 years old.

[All information about search subject "Rafi Raintotem" recorded and known about the subject. Not all information is present.]

Story : Rafius's story is a, how should I put it, a long one indeed. Full of things you wouldn't expect to hear or see from a Tauren of his stature. Growing up as a mere calf (i dont really know what to call little taurens) Rafius, or Rafi, was always a troublesome little one. Always picking fights with the other Tauren of his age. Although Rafi was a small for his younger period of time, he didn't care how big or old they were, he didn't take any "mess" from the others, especially when they messed with his little brother. Yes he wasn't a only child, born into a violent "family" he was one of 4 calf's. 3 brothers and 1sister, 2 of the calf's didn't make it past their "childhood". Only one brother remained, and that was the one he was protective of. This other Raintotem, was known as Nocturnalowl. Now, that wasn't his birth name.No no, his birth name is unknown as young calf's referred to each other as brother or sister. Rafi had a "normal" name and so after much thinking, thanks to Rafi, Nocturnalowl became known as Gerry. Although their actual ages aren't precisely known, it is believed that the family was on Kalimdor before the arrival of the Orcs and their great leader Thrall. Growing up as a Tauren in their tribes was not a very safe life as you might know. Centaurs were a constant threat to the tribes and their villages. Rafi, estimated to only have been fairly still young, -and remember Taurens live long lives but they don't mature normally- he was about only 100 years of age when the Centaur maliciously attacked and pillaged Rafi's village. The battle was short and bloody. The Tauren have strength in knowledge and brute force, but the Centaur had numbers and they knew it too. They swarmed over the village's fighters and decimated everyone and taking everything. Rafi's parents were brutally murdered in the raid and Rafius and Gerry were forced to watch his parents suffer. Rafius made his little brother stay put for he went to go out and see if they were gone. He came back to a massacre, bloody corpses, heads mounted on pikes, and 2 particularly stood out to him. He struggled as he walked closer to them, then he heard something shift in the back ground. It was his brother. He sighed and kept on walking to the pikes. His brother caught up with him and they both stood there dumbstruck by what they witnessed. His parents heads were mounted there, still with their agonizing pain look on their faces. Rafi began to break down into sobs, Gerry looked at him with a sign of helplessness. Rafi noticed this and he shrugged the tears away. He said to his brother, "Come, there has to be someone else who survived or atleast a Kodo we can grab." His brother nodded and they slowly walked away.

They came across a corpse still moving in their search, and they both ran up to it. They noticed that he was still breathing and the dying Tauren druid said, "*cough* Rafius, there is a kodo up in the hills just up the road, get it *cough*cough* get far away from here as possible...find a Tauren elder called Cairne, he will help you." As the final words left the Taurens mouth a wounded Centaur charged at Rafius and his brother, the dying Tauren motioned to gigantic axe next to him covered in blood. Rafius nodded and grabbed the axe and just as the Centaur thrusted his axe into the dying Tauren, Rafius swung the gigantic axe with all his might at the Centaur into his cerebellum instantly killing the Centaur but it was too late for the dying Tauren, he was dead. As the Centaur's head rolled on the ground leaving a trail of blood as it rolled, Rafius-for the first time-tasted blood (not literally Very Happy) and Rafius was pleased. With hatred still burning inside Rafi like a wildfire in a dry season, Rafi motioned for his brother to follow and they headed up the road to find the kodo. But before they got to far, Rafius ran back into the village, found the dead Tauren and pulled the axe out of its chest leaving a gaping hole in him. Rafius felt the feeling we call sadness for the Tauren. Rafi whisperd as he was leaving, "You will all be avenged my brothers and sisters, I promise it." He caught up with Gerry and handed him the small axe he grabbed. It grew dark and quickly, Gerry muttered under his breath, "This isn't just up the road.." Rafius agreed, "Yeah, he must have been to delirious or something, this isn't just up the road." "Maybe the kodo is resting in those hills up ahead.", Gerry added. Rafius nodded and they both continued. Nightfall came quickly and just as Rafius was about to say something, he heard footsteps like a horse running, but many many more. He noticed his brother heard it too and they both ran behind a nearby bundle of vines. 2 Tauren ran by chased by 3 Centaurs. Enraged, Rafius quickly shot up and charged the Centaur, catching them off guard he swung the axe in a upper cut like motion dismembering its right front leg and left arm, slicing cleanly through the centaurs body. It yelled in agonizing pain and dropped quickly to the ground. Rafius heard footsteps like another centaur. Rafius turned to face this threat and to his surprised the centaur had his axe raised high above its head and just as the centaur swung, a axe pierced right through the right side of his rib cage tearing through the lungs and quickly pulled back ripping through its spinal cord. Short millisecond of pain followed by a loud thud as he collapsed on the ground. "Bastard hardly felt any pain it tore so fast through his spine." Rafius new right then that it was his own brother that saved his life. "Thank you lil' brother." "Just a small sliver of the amount of gratitude that I owe you." Rafius smiled as he remembered the last Centaur. To Rafi's surprise the Centaur had turned to run. "You will not escape my fury you sorry excuse for life." Gerry noticed something different about his big brother, Rafi's eyes glew a naturistic (not a word, i know) green and Rafi dropps the axe on the ground and brings his hand back and a green naturistic glow had formed there. The Centaur did not get much more than a couple feet away when Rafi and thrusted the green glow forward at the Centaur. It wizzed forward at a amazing speed and nailed the Centaur in the back just above were his body meets the horse. He collapsed on the floor with a thud and did not move. "Is he dead?" ,asked Gerry, "If he so much as moves he will be for sure." Rafi added. As Rafi's rage cleared a little he realized what had just happened. He asked himself the same thing, what just happened. Just then he remembered the 2 Tauren they were after, they to had come out of hiding. "Thank you..-" "Rafius Raintotem" Rafi interrupted. "Ah, thank you Rafius, we owe you a life debt that we can never pay off.", the male Tauren added. "You can repay me by telling me if you have seen a kodo roaming around here recently." Rafi continued. The female Tauren nodded and said, "We saw one just a little bit further up the road, that's when we got attacked by the Centaurs." Rafi nodded, bowed, and said farewell to the two "May the Earth Mother always protect you." The two groups parted. Rafi and Gerry continued and eventually came upon the Kodo. The two mounted up and rode north. Years passed by and the two practically had to learn to cook, tailor,and build basic huts. But one eerie night as they sat around a fire with their kodo grazing behind them, the sky darkened. "A storm, we best go inside." Rafi stated. Gerry nodded and they both went to their own huts. Before the rain started they heard a raven above them squawking and the two went to see this bird sitting there on a log. Just as instantly as they saw it, the bird morphed into a odd looking human. "Who are you?" Rafi demanded, "That is none of your concern young one, but listen, you must give word to Carine Bloodhoof that orcs and humans will hit landfall by tomorrow morning off the east coast of Kalimdor." Gerry, still startled, bluntly asked, "Were is Cairne, we have been traveling for many seasons." The strange human gestured North "Just keep heading that way, you should eventually come across another Tauren Village" And just as fast as he arrived he morphed back into a raven and we heard a voice in our heads telling us to hurry, leave now. Reluctantly they saw no reason not to believe the human and set out north. Sunrise was near and just as they were about to give up, they heard a battle off in the distance with metal clashing and screams of agony. The brothers sped the kodo up and saw that Centaurs were attacking a village. Rafi hustled the kodo charging into the mob of Centaurs throwing them everywere, trampling them, and utterly killing them. Disorganized and in shock, the remaining Centaurs fled the fight. "Thank you Taur-" "Listen does Carine Bloodhoof settled here?" Rafi urgently interrupted. "Why yes he is, may I ask why?" "I need to speak to him about outsiders landing here in our home." "I'm sorry I can't let you just run in there uninvited." ,the guard stated. Rafi gets off the kodo, with Gerry following him, they pushed past the guards shoving them out of the way and they run to the first elder they see. "Ahh I don't think I've seen you around here young one." Rafi nodded and explained his reason he was here and the Elder simply answered, "Cairne you say? Your speaking to him. When did this human say they were making landfall?" "This sunrise, not very long time from now." Rafi reluctantly said. The elder looked at Rafi and Gerry studiously and nodded. Carine, called 5 Tauren Marauders (idk their ranks) and told them to search the east coast. They rode off immediately. Cairne told them to get rest and sort things out later. Rafi and Gerry both walked off and stayed at the village inn. Gerry passed out immediately, Rafi looked up at the ceiling, thinking about his encounter with the Centaur and saving the couple. He then knew, what had happened. He wasn't a warrior, not at all, he knew what he really was, but it defied all laws of being one. He had 2 qualities that separated him from the rest, he wanted battle and blood.

Years and years past, orcs arrived on Kalimdor along with the humans turning Kalimdor into a great battlefield with blood strewned across the lands. War was once again upon Azeroth. Rafi's hatred for the Centaur was satiated when he along with many warriors decimated the Centaur tribes all over Kalimdor. Rafi's thirst for blood got them thrown out of orders him and his brother joined. Along with his brother, Rafi sold their "talents" at Inns across Azeroth. Years passed by, many stories him and his brother heard about fake adventures "wannabe" mercs had done grew tiresome. But one story about a group of people intrigued the two. "Yeah, this group's goal is to dominate Azeroth out of hatred and lust for power. I tried gettin' in on a meetin' they was holdin' here in Undercity. But he just sen' two of his lts. to tell me its off." Rafi spoke up, "Where would one such as myself set up a meeting with their leader?" "Easy, just let the right people know your interested and he'll make you a deal.", One of my old merc partners said. Intrigued, Rafi and Gerry-now mature and much much older- managed to get a hold of the one known as Seraphis. The two planned a meet in mysterious magic quarter of the undead's rotting city known as Undercity. The two met, exchanged some words, Rafi and his brother pledged their loyalty to Seraphis and promised to carry out and execute all orders with no remorse or mercy. "Aye, I do." "Aye, I do." the two answered every question with the best of their knowledge and understanding. They were accepted into the brotherhood known as Dawn of Ruin. Weeks past, many battles were fought, Rafi satiated his thirsts and lusts, and so did Gerry. But one battle in particular stood out to Rafi. Rafius and Gerry Raintotem fought in the war against the group known as Scarlet Dawn. The battle was going as planned, we were winning, we had the upper hand and numbers, but they were frisky and persistent. They cornered Gerry Raintotem off and I stood there and watched him die. Right before my very eyes. Just then, Rafi had remembered back to when he was naught but a wee calf. The once buried angry and hatred arose from the depths of his mind and heart. Rafi, once again, wanted revenge. But this time on a grander scale, he wanted to make all of Azeroth bow down to their knees before the might of not only him, but all of the brotherhood. "Gerry, my brother..*sob* you will be avenged. I promise it." Now, Rafi has followed the brotherhood to the abyss and back, Rafi loves to be hated and it seems to drive his lust even more. His faith in the brotherhood just barely shone through.

Personality : Very loyal. Remorseless in most cases. Filled with anger and hatred. Nice and easy going but once enraged nothing should try to stop him. Fun in general and very rebellious but when comes time to business and duty, those two factors come first and will get the job done with no regrets.

Sorry I got carried away, i could have kept going but i cut back on some of it.
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Rafius Raintotem (sorry for length, got carried away..)
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