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 Sylveras C. Nightfeather (New story)

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PostSubject: Sylveras C. Nightfeather (New story)   Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:30 pm

Name: Sylveras Catrina Nightfeather

Age: Unknown

Sylveras was a very bright as young, She always studied hard. One day wanting to end up as Ranger General of the Sin'Dorei. When she grew older she knew that her place wasn't among her own kin. She left to join the Royal Army of the Horde. Under Thralls command. She followed the Warchief for a couple of years, Until' the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Just before the great Battle. She killed a Warlord that said she wasn't worth the title of High Elf. In her anger she pierced the Warlords heart with an Arrow. Infront of many Orcs. She was captured very quickly since she was Outnumbered. She was sent to Thrall to let him decide her fate. She was Banished into the Desert of Tanaris. locked in Chains in the middle of the Desert. Almost loosing her Mind because of the heat, Then one day.. She escaped. wandering around in the desert almost for a week. then she found the Passage to Un'Goro Crater. She went down there. Getting herself food and a Mount, Heading back to Tanaris. Then to Barrens. About two years later she met Seraphis Moonshadow. Who had the plan to Dominate Azeroth. Sylveras who still hungered for revenge against the Horde who banished her. Saw this as a opportunity to finally ease her hunger. And these days she walks Azeroth as something unknown, with her echoing hollow voice she has striked fear into the people of Azeroth...
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Sylveras C. Nightfeather (New story)
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