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 Drakora Das'manar : EDIT!!!!

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Drakora Das'manar


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PostSubject: Drakora Das'manar : EDIT!!!!   Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:16 am

Name: Drakora Das'manar

Age: 2,003

Race: Blood Elf

Story: Drakora is a paladin. Yet he does not fight for the light. He fights for his own causes and the ones who trust him or the ones who aid him. He has no revenge to take (unlike much of the Warriors who serve the Dawn).

He is secretly the brother of Dalaru.. a former Guardian of Seraphis and the Dawn. Drakora will tell you that he was brought up as a normal child in Silvermoon City which is perfectly true, Yet he will not mention a word of Dalaru. They both played with eachother and the other children in the streets of Silvermoon unaware that their futures were linked through the power of the Dawn of Ruin. Drakora cannot forgive Dalaru as he followed the path of the assassin.

Drakora slowly waited and watched his brother become a figure of the shadows and darkness.. this twisted his mind as questions constantly barked at him in his mind. ''Will i become like him?'', ''What does the future hold for myself?''.

Dalaru fled from Silvermoon and into the darkness.. although he returned.. when he was a Guardian of the Dawn and beckoned Drakora over to it. Drakora constantly refused his calls each night until Dalaru's death. Drakora vowed to join the Dawn and continue on in Dalaru's place but he was new to the Dawn. He had to work his way up through the ranks to earn Seraphis' trust.

He arrived with the armour of a Blood Knight and the sword of a noble warrior and now.. he has a heart to symbolize the corruption of the Dawn and the power which it holds... and he likes it..

Personality: Drakora Das'Manar believes in honour and respect (much like Seraphis) but he also believes that to forgive and to trust is the path to a clear mind, spirit and life.
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Drakora Das'manar : EDIT!!!!
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