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 Erienthil Dawnstrike - Updated to version 2.0

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PostSubject: Erienthil Dawnstrike - Updated to version 2.0   Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:29 pm

Alright, Version 2.2 is finished...

Name: Erienthil Dawnstrike.

Race: Sin’Dorei.

Age: N/A

Appearance: Erienthil has a young appearance, some scars across his arms and torso, glowing green eyes, blonde/white hair.

Armour: Erienthil is currently only an apprentice and therefore has no real armour.

Personality: Most of the time Erienthil is calm and stays silent.
Erienthil is loyal to his superiors and has huge respect for people with power. In battle he has neither remorse nor regret. Lately Erienthil has been feeling rather betrayed and alone due to his memory loss and broken heart.

Story: Erienthil’s life was never easy, as a child he only had one real friend his name was Vanadran Lightblade, while growing up Erienthil was never accepted by the other children, so he spent most of his childhood in the basement of his house with Vanadran, playing with swords and knifes.

Many years later Erienthil moved to his father, in Alterac Mountains and wanted to be trained in the ways of the rogue. One day his father led him to the town of Strahnbrad; his father left him there and told Erienthil to wait for him to return. Many days passed and after one week a large group of bandits arrived, Erienthil got captured, the bandits brought him to their camp and he was about to be executed when suddenly a Paladin stormed the camp and freed him, the paladin was Vanadran, together they fought their way out and travelled back to Silvermoon.

Years passed and Erienthil slowly started doubting the leaders of Silvermoon and tried to assassinate Lor’themar Theron, found guilty of treason he was about to be executed but Vanadran pleaded to Lor’themar not to kill him, so Erienthil ended up only being exiled.

As an exile, Erienthil started travelling the world, and one day he came across a paladin named Seraphis Moonshadow. Seraphis had a dream about a rebuilt Azeroth, Erienthil could relate to Seraphis and that is how Erienthil came to join The Dawn of Ruin.

Recently: Erienthil have been obeying Seraphis’ orders and have been rising rapidly in ranks. A few months ago he came across a female elf being harassed by an undead, Erienthil simply told the undead to get lost and with little hassle the undead was gone, apparently the elf was also a member of The Dawn of Ruin and her name was Caeta. Erienthil ended up spending a lot of time travelling with Caeta and eventually they got married.

Erienthil mourned Seraphis' death in silence and blamed himself for not being a part of the final battle, because of this he somehow got sucked into the Twisting Nether after a few days unknown powers forced Erienthil’s body to the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, and there, he was visited by what he believes was Seraphis’ spirit and the spirit bestowed the leadership of “The Dawn” upon him. Erienthil’s only current goal is to resurrect Seraphis.


Story: Three years have passed since the death of Seraphis and nothing is the same for Erienthil. When Erienthil was found in a scourge infested town deep inside the lands of Northrend he could barely remember who the people that came to his rescue were.

Back in Dalaran the memories started coming back to him, he instantly thought of Seraphis and of Caeta, after being informed of the situation they left for Edyne’s lab in Shadowfang Keep.

Later on he met Caeta again, and he explained that the Argent Dawn had found him unconscious deep within a scourge area in the Eastern Plaguelands. When he woke up he couldn’t remember anything about “The Dawn”, Seraphis or Caeta. The Argent Dawn recruited him and for the last three years he’s been fighting the undead scourge, on his last mission, his comrades had abandoned him in a town overrun with mindless zombies and skeletons.

Erienthil found out that Caeta has found a new love and that he has been stripped of his rank as Dieci Rovinoso Numero 1 and currently holds the 7th position. Zelmina has apparently been killed by Seraphis, but resurrected with the help of Edyne and Erienthil. Recently Erienthil has found out that his father is alive, in the service of the Lich King and he seeks revenge for his defeat.

Erienthil currently spends his time roaming the world out of boredom, depression and loneliness…


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Erienthil Dawnstrike - Updated to version 2.0
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