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 A "Story"

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PostSubject: A "Story"   Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:27 am

Three years have past.. Since the mortals of Azeroth banded together, and stood united against the might of the Dawn of Ruin..
That day.. Sylveras Nightfeather, And many other brave and loyal servants of the Dawn, Met their defeat...
They sought to defend Lord Seraphis Moonshadow, while doing his ritual.. They failed..
And the Dawn was gone.. Now that Azeroth was saved..
The people of Azeroth lived in happiness.. Unknowning what horror awaits them..
A New threat has risen.. The Lich King..
...And it seems that a new Dawn has risen..
Led by an unknown leader..
They seek to bring another..
Conquest upon Azeroth..
And this force.. Is too powerfull..
Even for the Titans themselves..
Soon... Azeroth will get to the brink of Madness..
For her Order is spreading.. Allying herself with the Lich King...
..She will not be mercifull.. Not even to the Dawn..
..Taste the terrible vengeance.. Of the Shadow..
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A "Story"
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