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 Kelinath's Story

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Maybelle Silverose

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PostSubject: Kelinath's Story   Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:28 am

Quoted by Kelinath, edited by Maybelle:

Kelinath was a simple minded blood elf that lived in Nagrand, within a house. He was peaceful, and lived with his family, loving everything and everyone... Then the scourge came, killing everyone... Luckily, he and his family escaped. They took refuge in an alliance village, welcomed by the inhabiting villagers. They had found a home, friends, and peace within their new home... Then, when Kelinath's parents finally got a job, making money, they were murdered... by the very people who took them in. Now Kelinaths soul burns with fury, as he wishes for every being of the alliance to die... He killed every Alliance in the village in which he lived. Now, allied with Seraphis, he wishes to dominate Azeroth, faithfully following Seraphis. Alliance has had its time... Now the Horde shall shine.
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Kelinath's Story
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